PRECYSO is a leading provider of technology-driven solutions that can transform the patients experience and financial performance of healthcare providers. PRECYSO offers a flexible engagement approach which seamlessly complements a healthcare organization’s infrastructure, quickly driving sustainable improvements to net patient revenue and cash flows while reducing operating costs and enhancing the patient’s financial experience.

Our solutions help organizations use automation to streamline operations, reduce administrative functions, control the cost to collect, make sound business decisions and ultimately work to create healthier financial outcomes through use of a common, single and integrated platforms.

We provide clinical as well as  financial solutions and services to serve your needs across the continuum of care. This integrated strategy allows you to drive revenue cycle performance in 
today’s fee-for service environment while improving savings, being cost-effective and helps in building a healthier bottom line.

PRECYSO provides the below technology:
-    IT Scalability
-    Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
-    Registration and Appointment System
-    Hospital Information System (HIS)
-    Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

IT Solutions

PRECYSO's system comprises a comprehensive set of fully integrated ...

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a financial process in handling b...

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Registration and appointment system goes hand in hand while managin...

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This is a centralized IT application system that digitally manages ...

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EMR is an organized collection of standard patient information with...

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