Real-time Eligibility And Benefits Verification

PRECYSO helps healthcare providers to streamline & automate communication with third party payers. Our application offers various approaches for you to manage patients’ eligibility & benefits verification by:

- Giving third party payers a direct access to PRECYSO online portal

- Integrating PRECYSO IT system with third party payer’s system, either through regulator’s post office where mandated, or directly with their own system.

Third party payers will be able to respond electronically to your eligibility and pre-uthorization requests. Using the PRECYSO portal you will be able to instantly verify the patient’s eligibility and scheme coverage entitlement prior to rendering services thus resulting in fewer denials or rejections from third party payers. Furthermore, patients will have less waiting time and will better understand their insurance coverage along with their personal financial liability such as applicable co-payments, coinsurance, deductible amounts, etc.

These services can be provided through Health Providers staff and/or outsourced to PRECSYO team.