Medical Coding

We help healthcare providers and ensure they are compliant with the regulator’s requirements by mapping their existing services and procedures’ medical codes to international or other classifications as mandated.

Furthermore, our medical coding solutions will simplify the coding process and will help them improve the accuracy of medical coding, thus ultimately reducing denials, improving the quality of data, & achieving high-quality reporting. In fact, PRECYSO’s coding edits engine is a tool that performs several code checks to control improper and incorrect coding which will otherwise lead to inaccurate billing and inappropriate payment.

It is designed to provide immediate feedback about potential errors and alert the users in the different stages of the claims & revenue cycle management through several checks. This tool can also run on data extracts/ reports for coding review and correction before sending to payers .

PRECYSO automated coding edit dictionaries are based on coding conventions and official guidelines, covering different classifications including American, Australian and WHO. It detects disease and procedure codes:

- In combination with other codes and/or

- In a sequence and/or

- For their presence or absence and/or

- For their specificity.